Looking ahead: Permanent changes in behavior

Interviews discuss how Covid-19 and pandemic-related lockdown have permanently changed their habits. Despite the lifting of restrictions, residents say that their daily routines remain more socially isolated.

Residents are locked into their introverted habits

Residents have forgotten how to socialize: "They've learned to keep their doors shut: The reknitting of community has been interesting to watch, not just among us in the Care Center but us with the larger community again. And the larger community has been affected. It’s very–it’s slowly opening up but people have learned to be on their own. They’ve learned to keep their doors shut. They’ve learned to say 'I’m sustaining myself in my own environment with my partner or by myself or whatever it is.' So it’s an unlearning that’s taking place. Learning how to socialize again." - Judi Bachrach

Accustomed to eating alone: "I prefer eating a large meal at lunch, so I got over for lunch and I often–not often maybe once a week, I eat with somebody. Otherwise, I bring it–you know I get into this routine during the pandemic and now I miss my new (laughs) TV that I watch a lot of good things, so I rush home. But I do enjoy eating with other people. But I think gradually I will go back, it’s just that at this point." - Former Geriatric Nurse

Sticking to "hermit-ish" routines: "One of the things Caroline, and maybe we’ll get to it, is I’ve become kind of hermit-ish, because I was having some teeth problems and I’m doing and redoing my mouth, which was wonderful. Since we wore masks. But now food doesn’t taste as good. I have more trouble chewing. So I’m eating here (home), and that’s probably not a good idea." - Janet Kelsey Werner