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Judi Bachrach Writing Submissions.pdf
Judi Bachrach submitted several texts that she wrote in response to her experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her writings were published in Leading Age Ohio.

Former Geriatric Nurse wrote an article for Kendal's Eureka publication about her experience with 'broken heart syndrome,' or a weakened heart system during the pandemic.

Kendal at Oberlin created this video to archive residents' efforts to continue making music during the first year of the pandemic.

Kendal used these guidelines for outdoor visitations between visitors and residents in the Stephens Care Center.

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Kendal at Oberlin sent residents this email announcement about Thanksgiving meal delivery in November 2020.

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Images of the Stephens Care Center courtyard gardens.

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This is one of Kendal's weekly testing reminders sent out via email and posted around Kendal. All Kendal staff have undergone regular mandatory testing since the start of the pandemic. 2x per week testing continues as of December 2022.

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The Kendal at Oberlin administration sent out regular emails with Covid updates. Each email contained a similar map showing Covid rates by county. This map was sent out in November 2020.

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Residents and staff were required to show a car pass to enter to Kendal campus.
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